Exceptional Homes

The Greenway Fields Homes Association created the Exceptional Home Award to recognize houses in Greenway Fields that are particularly beautiful – due to their architecture and landscape design and the love and care their owners have shown them.

Four times a year, the GFHA board will select a residence to receive the Exceptional Home award.  A sign will be displayed in the yard and pictures of the house, including a picture from the 1940 tax survey, will be featured in the GFHA quarterly newsletter, website, and Facebook page.

Do you have a home or know of a neighbors home that should be considered for the award?  Email the board to nominate a house.

2014 2nd Quarter: 443 West 61st Terrace

2014 2nd Quarter Exceptional Home

2013 4th Quarter: 6317 Valley Road

2013 4th Quarter Exceptional Home

2013 3rd Quarter: 615 Meyer Road

2013 3rd Quarter Exceptional Home

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