Annual Assessments and Dues

Greenway Fields is maintained by two entities: The Greenway Fields Homes Association (elected resident volunteer board members manage and maintains Greenway Fields HOA (GFHA) and Greenway Fields Neighborhood Community Improvement District (GFNCID) – collects annual assessments to pay for services and maintenance provided by Greenway Fields). The GFNCID board is composed of five members / directors all of which are current directors on the Greenway Fields Homes Association Board.

Annual assessments are billed and collected by Greenway Fields Neighborhood Community Improvement District which is a political subdivision of Kansas City, MO. (Ordinance 090890) approved in 2009.

Annual assessments are billed each fall of the current year for expenses incurred the following year. The annual assessment is billed once per year and is itemized on the homeowner’s annual real property tax bill issued by Jackson County, MO.  Jackson County collects and remits the annual assessments to Greenway Fields Neighborhood Community Improvement District.

Annual assessments are due when real property taxes are due each year (December 31st ).

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Greenway Fields Homes Association formed “Greenway Fields Neighborhood Community Improvement District” (GFNCID) in 2009 under KCMO City Ordinance.  Annual dues within the district are assessed by Jackson County Collectors office on real property tax bills.

Due Date: Jackson County property tax bills are due each calendar year by December 31. If a parcel is late in payment of a tax bill interest is charged by Jackson County Collector’s office.
Term: Payment of GFNCID dues is for the next calendar year paid in advance.
Past Due: If the Jackson County parcel is in good standing and not delinquent on any past tax bills, then the resident HOA dues are current.

Fees per parcel are:

  • $160.00 – GFNCID -Greenway Fields Neighborhood Community Improvement District annual dues. (listed as GFNCID – Greenway Fields on Jackson County parcel tax bill).
  • $110.00 – Transfer fee assessed by Homes Association of Kansas City (  Transfer fee covers changes associated with admin support for Greenway Fields, and welcome packet mailing to new residents.
Posted under dues on GFHA & HA-KC websites:

Our restrictions and covenants can be found at as well as our bylaws.  Homes within Greenway Fields are owner occupied / single family homes and should not be rental or apartments.

For additional support please contact:
Admin Support, HA-KC

Assessment History

2022 GFNCID assessment $160.00
2021 GFNCID assessment $160.00
2020 GFNCID assessment $160.00
2019 GFNCID assessment $160.00
2018 GFNCID assessment $160.00
2017 GFNCID assessment $160.00
2016 GFNCID assessment $140.00
2015 GFNCID assessment $140.00
2014 GFNCID assessment $138.00
2013 GFNCID assessment $136.00
2012 GFNCID assessment $128.00
2011 GFNCID assessment $127.50
2010 GFNCID assessment $127.50
2009 GFNCID assessment $127.50

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