Greenway Fields Annual Meeting of Residents

GFHA Annual meeting is Saturday; February 8, 2020. All current residents are welcome attend.

Charlie Hooper’s at 12 West 63rd St.
Hot Breakfast provided 8:30 a.m.
Annual Meeting 9:00 to 10:00 a.m.

If you would like to serve on the volunteer neighborhood Board or have questions, please reach out via email ( and you can be listed on the election ballot.
A total of 9 residents represent the Board and serve a 2 year term. There are 3 vacancies; one remaining year on a 2 yr term, and two-2 year terms.

Annual Meeting of the Board of Directors of Greenway Fields Neighborhood Community Improvement District

The GFNCID board of directors will hold the annual CID board meeting this coming Saturday 3/24/18 at 9:15 AM. Notice has been posted at our official legal address (Hush Blackwell office on plaza) for public notice under Missouri Sunshine Law, which requires minimum of 24 hours advance posting.

The GFNCID board voted last year to post these public notices on the GHFA website for resident awareness. If you would like to attend in person please arrive early and note space is limited at MoBank Branch office in Brookside, or you may use the following dial-in conference bridge to attend remotely.

Your GFNCID Board!

Annual Meeting of the Board of Directors of
Greenway Fields Neighborhood Community Improvement District

Date: Saturday, March 24, 2018
Time: 9:15 AM
Place: Missouri Bank Conference Room, 7 W 62nd Terrace, Kansas City, MO 64113
Public may join meeting in person or via teleconference, which may be joined by dialing 866-677-2133 and entering passcode 7333 8866.
I. CALL TO ORDER: Clem Helmstetter, President GFNCID
A. Approval of minutes of June 24, 2017 special meeting of the Board of directors (“the Board”) of Greenway Fields Neighborhood Community Improvement District (“the District”).


A. Resolution 2018-01 – Appointment of Interim Director: Resolution of the Board appointing an Interim Director.

B. Oath of Office: Administering Oath of Office to newly appointed members of the Board pursuant to Article 7, Section 11 of the Missouri Constitution requiring new members of the Board to be sworn in.

C. Resolution 2018-02 – Election of Officers: In accordance with the District’s adopted bylaws, the Board shall elect a Chairperson, Vice Chairperson, Treasurer, Secretary, District Manager, and such other officers or employees as the Board deems necessary.

D. Resolution 2018-03 – Approval of Budget: Resolution of the Board approving the budget for fiscal year 2018-19.

E. Resolution 2018-04 – Approval of Special Assessments for 2018: Resolution of the Board Approving Special Assessments for 2018, to be levied in the amount of $160.00 per each parcel within the District.


Annual HOA Residents Meeting

The Annual Greenway Fields Homes Association Residents Meeting will be on February 10th at Charlie Hooper’s Brookside Bar and Grill located at 12 W 63rd St. Breakfast will be at 8:30AM and the meeting will be held from 9:00-10:00AM. We will be electing our new board members and reporting on prior year’s business. Please respond to if you would like your name on the election ballot for 2018 HOA Board members.

To add the event to your own calendar, click below:

KC Green Award Presentations


Greenway Fields was awarded the Gold Designation from the KC Green Neighborhood Program.  Benjamin Williams accepted the award at the KC Green Fair on behalf of the Greenway Fields Neighborhood.  Keep an eye out in the coming months for our KC Green street toppers that will designate Greenway Fields as a KC Green Neighborhood.

Elizabeth Noble and Benjamin Williams also presented at the KC Green Celebration where they discussed how our neighborhood went about becoming a Green Neighborhood, the great initiatives that we are implementing, and the role that citizens and the City play in making Kansas City a sustainable city. Elizabeth Noble also gave an overview on the Greenway Fields Tree Survey that was completed by a Greenway Fields Tree Committee.

Joseph Cherrito and Elizabeth Noble received the official resolution awarding Greenway Fields Homes Association the Gold Designation for the KC Green Neighborhood Program. Elizabeth Noble provided three copies of the book,One Hundred Years’ Journey: The Greenway Fields Neighborhood, to the Mayor and the 6th District Councilmen. She also provided a very eloquent description of our neighborhood and the wonderful people that live in Greenway Fields.  The entire Council was very complimentary of all of the work the neighborhood has completed over the years and look for other KC neighborhoods to use GFHA as a model for enhancements and liveability.

Holiday Lighting Contest Winners

Greenway Fields Homes Association conducted the annual Holiday Lighting Contest.  Here are the winners for the following categories:

Architectural- 6246 Valley Rd
Elegant- 6422 Washington St
Most Elaborate- 400 W 63rd St
Most Colorful- 409 W 62nd St
Best Block- Pennsylvania Ave
Most Original- 621 W 63rd St
Whimsical- 427 W 62nd St
Most Festive- 6411 Summit St

Signs are posted in the yards of winners to recognize their holiday spirit.  Thank you to all who have decorated your homes for the holiday season!

Holiday Party Thank You

Thank you to all who attended the Greenway Fields Annual Holiday Party.  It was a fantastic evening and a great way to start off the holiday season.  Special thanks to the hosts, Mike Minor and Scott Tansey, for opening up their home.

Greenway Fields Annual Holiday Party

The annual GFHA Holiday Party will be on Sunday, 12/3/2017, from 5:00 to 7:00PM at 418 W Meyer Blvd.  We have had over 50 neighbors RSVP for the event so be sure not to miss out!  Come enjoy some food, wine, and have a relaxing time with your fellow neighbors.  Adults only or infant in arm.

Centennial Celebration Thank You

Thank you to those who attended the Centennial Celebration.

We are very pleased with the turnout for the Centennial Celebration and hope that all neighbors who attended had a wonderful time celebrating as a community.  We had over 150 neighbors gather together.  Big thank you to the Centennial Committee for their planning efforts!  Here are some pictures taken at the event:

Centennial Celebration CHANGE OF DATE


Due to the predicted Saturday storms, it is necessary to postpone our Centennial Celebration by one day. Join us on Sunday, October 22nd from 3PM-7PM (shortened hours).

New timeline of events:

  • 3-6PM Bounce Houses
  • 3-4PM Ice Cream Truck
  • 330-530PM Balloon Twisters
  • 4-7PM Food Trucks: Werner’s Fine Sausages, The Waffler
  • 4PM Guest Speakers
  • 415-7PM Alpen Spielers Band

In addition, we are still hoping the police and fire departments will still make an appearance.

To receive your food truck vouchers, please check in at the concrete table located within the Greenway Fields Park from 3-5PM.  Please email if you had previously sent an RSVP but are now unable to come, so that we might reallocate your food truck vouchers.

Friends and family are welcome to join you at our event.  There will be food available for purchase for those that do not have food truck vouchers.

Reminder water and soda will be supplied but feel free to bring a cooler of your favorite beverage, along with lawn chairs!

Children may bring bikes or scooters for our kid’s track experience.  Please bring your helmets if you would like to partake!

KC Green Recognition Award

Congratulations Greenway Fields Residents!

Message from the Kansas City Office of Environmental Quality: 
“Congratulations to the Greenway Fields Neighborhood on earning a KC Green Neighborhood designation….at the Gold level!  Your neighborhood is making great strides in creating a greener Kansas City! 

We would like to recognize your neighborhood for its hard work at the KC Green Fair on Thursday, Sept 21st .  There will be a brief recognition ceremony starting shortly after 11:30 and running to noon… Thank you again for all you do for Kansas City!” 

For more information on the KC Green Fair, please see below.

Benefits of KC Green to the Neighborhood

Neighborhood recognition – Our neighborhood and its sustainable practices will be featured on Channel 2, highlighted in the biannual publication KCMOre, and posted on the KC Green web page: In addition, our neighborhood will be provided KC Green street sign toppers. The street sign toppers are placed on top of existing streets signs to indicate that Greenway Fields is a KC Green Neighborhood.  We will receive 8-10 signs which will designate us as a KC Green Gold Neighborhood.

Clinics and workshops – Residents of KC Green Neighborhoods will be provided free access to clinics and workshops to help continue and or/maintain their progress toward a sustainable neighborhood. Topics may include: rain barrel design and construction; home energy efficiency; tree selection, planting and maintenance; and rain gardens.

KC Green Neighborhood eco-gift – Our neighborhood will receive an eco-gift that will benefit our residents. We have asked for an eco-gift of 5-10 trees.

KC Green Neighborhood designations are retained for three years, after which, the neighborhood will be required to reapply.

Thank you to those residents who took the time to complete the KC Green Neighborhood survey! Your answers helped give the selection team a great understanding of our green habits as a whole.  Well done neighbors!

KC Green Fair, Awards Ceremony:

Join the City of Kansas City, Missouri Green Team at the 2017 KC Green Fair on Thursday, Sept. 21, from 11:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. at the City Market, conveniently located north of downtown and on the KC Streetcar line. This year’s fair is all about energy and how residents can save money while being environmental stewards. You will learn about how local businesses and organizations are contributing to the sustainability of the region, and the benefits of a greener approach.

You’ll find information about selecting the appropriate equipment for your home, and energy saving practices you can use at home and at work.

For more information, check out: