Your homes association contracts for snow removal from our residential streets. Our policy is to evaluate each weather event and determine the appropriateness of the service. We balance budgetary concerns with need. It has been customary to snow plow when the accumulation is two inches or more.

One of the questions the Board receives on a regular basis is why the City doesn’t plow our residential streets. The Public Works Department has approximately 900 centerline miles of primary and arterial streets designated for salting and plowing. In residential areas, plows provide approximately 1,800 centerline miles of passable lanes and apply salt to hills, curves, intersections and known slick spots (examples include Meyer Blvd. and 63rd Street.)

During the Winter of 2009, our Homes Association received many calls from residents of surrounding neighborhoods. They wanted to know why our streets were so clean and usable. We had a few homeowners call and ask if they could move to our homes association!