Part of what makes Greenway Fields a great community is an amazing asset around us: our hardwood trees. This canopy gives us shade, beauty and cleans our air – as long as we maintain these stately assets.

In the spring of 2013, residents, led by a devoted Tree Committee, conducted a tree census on all the public right-of-way (“street trees”) in the neighborhood. The census identified the species, age, location and condition of all the street trees throughout the neighborhood. This baseline data was used to first identify and treat ash trees for the Emerald Ash Borer (a pest that is killing ash trees across the country) and then to identify locations where new trees should be planted to preserve the canopy for generations to come. All this information has been compiled in a report and an interactive online mapping system.

To read or download the final report detailing the census of the existing trees, click here.

To see the interactive online mapping of the tree census (i.e., the current, existing trees), click here.  This is a GIS map.  On the left-hand side, you can click on the “Legend” graphic (under the “Details” tab) to see a key for the graphics.  You can zoom in and zoom out using the scale bar and pan on the map by clicking and holding the cursor.

Replacement Trees

In addition to the census of current trees, we are working on a plan for replacement / new trees.  The links below in this article point to two PDF’s that we ask you to review.  Please keep in mind this is the final tree proposal with planting locations.

Greenway Fields Tree Index Final Proposal is a complete address listing of new trees proposed to be planted this fall.

Greenway Fields Tree Map Final Proposal – A visual map for the new trees which appear in the shape of a black hexagons.  A special thanks to Michael Ray for his extra volunteer efforts to complete this detailed map for us.

If you would like to comment on or request a change to a tree that is suggested for the right-of-way bordering your property, please email The City and installation contractor may deem some trees cannot be placed as planned due to utilities ie. gas/water/electric, and or safety zones at intersections.

Tree Census