Congratulations Greenway Fields Residents!

Message from the Kansas City Office of Environmental Quality: 
“Congratulations to the Greenway Fields Neighborhood on earning a KC Green Neighborhood designation….at the Gold level!  Your neighborhood is making great strides in creating a greener Kansas City! 

We would like to recognize your neighborhood for its hard work at the KC Green Fair on Thursday, Sept 21st .  There will be a brief recognition ceremony starting shortly after 11:30 and running to noon… Thank you again for all you do for Kansas City!” 

For more information on the KC Green Fair, please see below.

Benefits of KC Green to the Neighborhood

Neighborhood recognition – Our neighborhood and its sustainable practices will be featured on Channel 2, highlighted in the biannual publication KCMOre, and posted on the KC Green web page: In addition, our neighborhood will be provided KC Green street sign toppers. The street sign toppers are placed on top of existing streets signs to indicate that Greenway Fields is a KC Green Neighborhood.  We will receive 8-10 signs which will designate us as a KC Green Gold Neighborhood.

Clinics and workshops – Residents of KC Green Neighborhoods will be provided free access to clinics and workshops to help continue and or/maintain their progress toward a sustainable neighborhood. Topics may include: rain barrel design and construction; home energy efficiency; tree selection, planting and maintenance; and rain gardens.

KC Green Neighborhood eco-gift – Our neighborhood will receive an eco-gift that will benefit our residents. We have asked for an eco-gift of 5-10 trees.

KC Green Neighborhood designations are retained for three years, after which, the neighborhood will be required to reapply.

Thank you to those residents who took the time to complete the KC Green Neighborhood survey! Your answers helped give the selection team a great understanding of our green habits as a whole.  Well done neighbors!

KC Green Fair, Awards Ceremony:

Join the City of Kansas City, Missouri Green Team at the 2017 KC Green Fair on Thursday, Sept. 21, from 11:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. at the City Market, conveniently located north of downtown and on the KC Streetcar line. This year’s fair is all about energy and how residents can save money while being environmental stewards. You will learn about how local businesses and organizations are contributing to the sustainability of the region, and the benefits of a greener approach.

You’ll find information about selecting the appropriate equipment for your home, and energy saving practices you can use at home and at work.

For more information, check out:

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